Additional data sheets, technical information and certifications for the products that we offer.

MicroArmour – Surface Protectant & Hand Sanitizer Product Brochure

Data sheet brief on GS 75 Surface Protectant and GS 24 Hand Sanitizer

MicroArmour Surface Protectant – Breakthrough Antimicrobial Technology

MicroArmour GS 75 Surface Protectant Data Sheet

An Introduction to Antimicrobial Technology

An introduction to the antimicrobial technology behind MicroArmour Powered by Goldshield

Application and Maintenance of MicroArmour Products

Application and maintenance guide for MicroArmour products

MicroArmour Surface Protectant GS 75 Use Protocol

MicroArmour Surface Protectant Use Protocol

MicroArmour GS 24 Hand Sanitizer Data Sheet

MicroArmour GS 75 Surface Protectant Data Sheet

MicroArmour – Ebola Virus Study

Virucidal quantitative suspension test of MicroArmour GS 75 Surface Protectant

MicroArmour – Coronavirus Study

Antimicrobial Efficacy of Treated Medical Masks Modified for Viruses

Whitepaper on Science and Efficacy of MicroArmour GS 24 Hand Sanitizer

Evaluates the efficacy of a benzalkonium chloride (BAC) hand sanitizer using the USFDA method for testing antiseptic hand washes that physicians and other health-care personnel use.

MicroArmour Powered By Goldshield References

Company references for MicroArmour powered by Goldshield