Residual Effect

The real difference is the fact that after an application of MicroArmour, it continues to protect for a significantly longer time than others on the market. In fact, one application of GS 24 Hand Sanitizer has been tested and proven to protect up to 24 hours after application. The surface protectants will remain active for 90 days, meaning applications are less but far more effective compared to alcohol or other strictly chemical-based solutions.

With MicroArmour surface protectant, the patented surface penetrating compound mechanically inactivates and chemically denatures harmful microbes.

How MicroArmour Core Technology Works

Through a variety of domestic and international regulatory testing protocols MicroArmour products have been shown to possess very unique characteristics:

  • MicroArmour GS 5 & 75

Possess a surface penetrating compound that provides better coverage and thus better efficacy, 1A, there is the “silane base.” This is the compound that anchors and triggers the covalent bonding functionality which allows MicroArmour GS 5 and 75 to adhere to surfaces and textiles and remain durable for up to 90 days. GS 5 and 75 resultant durability means MicroArmour is not fugitive, i.e., does not leach or become mobile. MicroArmour actually becomes part of the surface to which it is applied.

  • Nitrogen Molecule: In nature, many microbes are negatively charged. The “nitrogen” molecule, in MicroArmour is positively charged  therefore, as in nature, the nitrogen molecules in MicroArmour “attract” the negatively charged microbes toward them until contact.
  • Long Carbon Chain: Another part of MicroArmour is a long carbon chain that releases an ionic charge that disrupts the microbe’s cell membrane upon contact mechanically inactivating the microbe. At the same time, the quaternary compound component of MicroArmour denatures the microbe’s proteins … chemically